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temas de entrevista oral--revisados

temas de entrevista oral--revisados - TEMAS DE LA...

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TEMAS DE LA ENTREVISTA ORAL--Primavera 2010 You will sign up for a time with a partner for the oral interview. You and your partner must prepare all three of the topics below. You should use information you have studied throughout the entire semester. You will cover only one topic (to be selected randomly) at the oral interview. Your professor may also ask you follow-up questions. You will be graded individually ; your partner's performance will not affect your grade. When you arrive at your appointment, please also bring a copy of the oral interview rubric for your professor (each student needs one). The rubric can be found at the end of the Course Contract on Sakai. If you have any questions, please consult the Course Contract and your instructor. Tema 1: La influencia hispana en EE. UU. Tú y tu compañero/a quieren participar en un programa de intercambio en América Hispana, pero tus padres creen que esto no es muy interesante porque esa cultura no tiene nada que ver con la nuestra, aquí en Estados Unidos. Ustedes saben que de veras hay mucha influencia
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