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Bio 201 Consequences of Sex I. The evolution of sexual reproduction has provided a whole new arena for the operation of selection. We will focus on a small sampling: a. Sexual selection – the evolution of exaggerated traits whose specific function appears to be attraction of the opposite sex. b. Selection operating on the sex ratio of offspring. II. Sexual Selection a. Why isn’t natural selection sufficient to explain the evolution of exaggerated traits that appear only in one sex? b. What is the fundamental asymmetry between the sexes? c. Why do we expect to see competition among males for access to females? Why don’t we expect males to be choosy when finding a mate? d. What are the mechanisms by which males compete for females?
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Unformatted text preview: e. Why do we expect females to be choosy? f. In what ways might females benefit from being choosy? III. Evolution of Sex Ratio a. How does frequency dependent selection explain why a 1:1 sex ratio is so common? b. In some cases, sex determination is facultative: 1. In blue-headed wrasse, individuals can change their sex during their lifetime. How has selection acted to cause these fish to begin their lives as females and switch to males as they get older? 2. In red deer, females produce daughters when resources are scarce, and produce sons when resources are abundant. How does the asymmetry between the sexes make this phenomenon is adaptive?...
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