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Life History - b What is senescence c What are the...

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Bio 201 Life History Evolution I. What does Life History mean? a. What alternative patterns of allocation to growth vs. reproduction do we see in nature? b. What is the mechanistic explanation for life history trade-offs? c. Which life history traits tend to trade off with one another? d. What is antagonistic pleiotropy? II. How do we define aging? a. What observations do we use to document aging?
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Unformatted text preview: b. What is senescence? c. What are the hypotheses for why senescence occurs? i. How can we use Life Tables to explain why we expect: 1. late-acting deleterious mutations to accumulate 2. early reproduction to be favored, even if it comes at a cost to late reproduction ii. How does the ‘natural experiment’ in opossums support these last two expectations?...
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