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I did search on Wikipedia dictionary but the terminology was a little confuse for me so I went to different website. www.differntbetween/data-and-information I found that data is the recompilation of specific information. Data is made of compacted information. In the website I found three good differences. 1.-Data is the lowest level of Knowledge and Information is the second level. 2.-Data by itself is not significant. Information is significant by itself. 3.-Observation and Recording are done to obtain Data, while Analysis is done to obtain Information. I was watching the video and is amassing how we can use the data in the system to make things go easy as rescues or searches on how many people use the services in the city, and Data can be really useful in
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Unformatted text preview: emergencies. I wonder how much the government knows about our families and daily life but of course we are not really important to them as many other things as the terrorism in the world. One of the points in the article brought my attention is how the company NextMark has data if millions of people and how they can sell our information to the companies. Is important to know, how can we protect our self for ted? We need to be careful on how to give our information on sites that ask for our Credit Card, Subscriptions on websites, Social network (Facebook, twitter, Skype, and others)....
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