FinalQI-Medicare CPAP compliance

FinalQI-Medicare CPAP compliance - Final Quality...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Quality Improvement RESPCARE431 BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY RANDY CAMASURA 12/6/2010 This project was designed to improve CPAP Medicare compliance. CPAP patients are to receive equipment at the Timberlake/ Sutter Visiting Nurse Association and were assessed by the interdisciplinary team. CPAP patients not compliant with Medicare guidelines were referred back to a primary care physician with a face to face medical follow up. Respiratory Therapist has the overall responsibility for executing the compliance program at Timberlake/ Sutter VNA. In addition to performing the clinical actions required to insure the highest level of compliance, the therapist responsibility to enter in Encore Anywhere . This system is a web based compliance management system that manages patient records and develops patient reports for CPAP compliance. Compliance Definition: Using Medicare guideline, a patient is considered compliant if they use CPAP machine for a minimum of 4 hours per night. The respiratory care practitioner contacted Sutter VNA Hospice Medicare Accounts Receivable representative concerning the number of Medicare patients from September 2010 through October 2010. A total 54 patients were setup during this time frame. 31 CPAP patients needed download and /or too soon to verify compliance. 12 CPAP patients compliant usage but chart notes not yet received. 3 CPAP patients compliant usage per download and re-evaluation notes received. 1 patient download was not required since patient has central sleep apnea. 7 CPAP patients grandfather in Medicare since their machine was just replaced The Respiratory Care Practitioner will insure that all patients machines utilize smart cards or wireless modems for compliance tracking. The compliance is as follows: During initial setup of CPAP patient s, a RCP will gather and analyze patient information. Reviewing history, physical information, apnea hypopnea index, medications, procedure request, sleep study findings, and pressure prescription....
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FinalQI-Medicare CPAP compliance - Final Quality...

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