Brian janz 1 1 part3 systemsdevelopment methodologies

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Unformatted text preview: g: –  System specifica6ons from design stage are translated into soOware program code –  SoOware may be purchased, leased, or outsourced instead •  Tes6ng –  To ensure system produces right results –  Unit tes6ng: Tests each program in system separately –  System tes6ng: Tests func6oning of system as a whole –  Acceptance tes6ng: Makes sure system is ready to be used in produc6on secng –  Test plan: All prepara6ons for series of tests •  A Sample Test Plan to Test a Record Change •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  0 1 Systems Implementa6on (cont.) •  Conversion –  Process of changing from old system to new system –  Four main strategies •  Direct cutover, aka, “cold turkey” •  Parallel strategy •  Pilot strategy •  Phased approach •  End users role: Cri6cal –  Requires end‐user training –  Finaliza6on of detailed documenta6on showing how system works from technical and end‐user standpoint –  Users provide test scenarios, help formulate sensible...
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