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Unformatted text preview:  May not accommodate large quan66es of data or large number of users – May not undergo full tes6ng or documenta6on •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  9 1 End‐User Development •  Uses fourth‐genera6on languages to allow end‐users to develop systems with lille or no help from technical spets •  Fourth genera6on languages: Less procedural than conven6onal programming languages –  Query languages –  Report generators –  Graphics languages –  Applica6on generators –  Applica6on soOware packages –  Very high‐level programming languages •  End‐User Development (cont.) •  Advantages: –  More rapid comple6on of projects –  High‐level of user involvement and sa6sfac6on •  Disadvantages: –  Not designed for processing‐intensive applica6ons –  Inadequate management and control, tes6ng, documenta...
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