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Unformatted text preview: conversion plans, and can help with the development of training material •  Systems Support •  System reviewed to determine if any revisions needed •  May prepare formal post‐implementa6on audit document •  Systems maintenance •  End users role: Cri6cal –  Changes in hardware, soOware, documenta6on, or procedures to a produc6on system to correct errors, meet new requirements, or improve processing efficiency –  20% debugging, emergency work –  20% changes to hardware, soOware, data, repor6ng –  60% of work: User enhancements, improving documenta6on, recoding for greater processing efficiency –  Users provide the feedback for enhancements and revisions •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  1 1 Part 3: Systems Development Methodologies •  Systems Development Methodologies •  Most prominent methodologies for modeling and designing systems: – Structured methodologies – Object‐oriented development •  Structured methodologies – Techniques are step‐by‐step, progressive – Process‐oriented: Focusing on modeling processes or ac6ons that manipulate data •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  2 1 Structured Methodolog...
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