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Unformatted text preview: rocess monitoring and analy6cs •  To verify process performance has improved and measure impact of process changes on key business performance indicators •  Total Quality Management (TQM) •  Fine‐tuning business processes to improve quality in their products, services, and opera6ons •  The earlier in the business cycle a problem is eliminated, the less it costs the company •  Quality improvements raise level of product and service quality as well as lower costs •  Everyone is expected to contribute to improvement of quality •  Focuses on con6nuous improvements rather than drama6c bursts of change •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  4 TQM (con6nued) •  Six sigma: – Specific measure of quality – 3.4 defects per million opportuni6es – Uses sta6s6cal analysis tools to detect flaws in the execu6on of an exis6ng process and make minor adjustments •  Systems as Planned Organiza6onal Change •  Informa6on systems support quality improvements by helping firms: –  Simplify products or processes –  Make improvements based on customer demands –  Reduce cycle 6me –  Improve quality and precision of design and produc6on –  Meet benchmarking standards •  Benchmarking: Secng strict standar...
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