Whatopportuni6esmightaneworenhancedsystem provide

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Unformatted text preview: ds for products, services, and other ac6vi6es, and then measuring performance against those standards •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  5 Part 2: The Tradi6onal SDLC: The Systems Development Life Cycle •  Overview of Systems Development •  Systems development: Ac6vi6es that go into producing an informa6on system solu6on to an organiza6onal problem or opportunity –  Systems Planning –  Systems Analysis –  Systems Design –  Systems Implementa6on •  Programming •  Tes6ng •  Conversion –  Systems Support (including maintenance) •  Think “PADIS” •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  6 The Systems Development Process •  Systems Planning •  Informa6on systems planning: the transla6on of strategic and organiza6onal goals into systems development ini6a6ves – Organiza6onal problems and opportuni6es are considered in light of the goals of the business •  What problems might a new or enhanced system solve? •  What opportuni6es might a new or enhanced system provide? •  Role of end users: Cri6cal – Near constant par6cipa6on required in this phase •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  7 Systems Analysis •  Analysis of problem that will be solved by system –  Defining the problem and iden6fying causes –  Specifying solu6ons •  Systems proposal report iden6fies and examines alterna6ve solu6ons –  Iden6fying informa6on requirements •  Includes feasibility...
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