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Unformatted text preview: study –  Financial feasibility: Is solu6on a good investment? –  Technical feasibility: Does the technology exist? Do we have the necessary skills? –  Schedule feasibility: Can we deliver in a 6mely manner? –  Organiza6onal feasibility: Does the solu6on make sense for the organiza6on? •  System Analysis (cont.) •  Establishing informa6on requirements – Who needs what informa6on, where, when, and how? – Define objec6ves of new/modified system – Detail the func6ons new system must perform •  Faulty requirements analysis is leading cause of systems failure and high systems development cost •  Role of end users: Cri6cal – End users are the source for system requirements •  Produced by Dr. Brian Janz •  8 Systems Design •  Describe system specifica6ons that will deliver func6ons iden6fied during systems analysis •  Should address all managerial, organiza6onal, and technological components of system solu6on •  Role of end users: Cri6cal –  User informa6on requirements drive system buildi...
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