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ECE 5325/6325 Fall 2009: Homework 8d Solutions My answers for the required fade margin in dB for M independent Rayleigh fading channels is shown in the table. For selection combining, the result is from Figure 7.11 in the Rappaport book, from seeing where the M = k line crosses the 99.9% line. The value on the x-axis is the fading margin “gain”, so you need to take the negative to ±nd fade margin as a loss. For maximal ratio combining, the result is from the Goldsmith book Figure 7.5 (in lecture 19
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Unformatted text preview: notes), by seeing where the M = k line crosses the P out = 10-3 horizontal line. Note a 99.9% reliability means a 0.1% outage probability, or P out = 10-3 . Since youre reading o a graph, an answer plus or minus 1 dB is ne. Note both gures will be included on Exam 3. M Selection Max. Ratio 1 30 dB 30 dB 2 15 dB 13 dB 3 8 dB 7 dB 4 6 dB 4 dB...
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