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Chapter 06 testbank

Chapter 06 testbank - Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Identify...

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Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. If you want to prevent statements from outside a form from accessing a procedure, you set the access specifier to in the procedure’s declaration. a. Private b. Public c. Static d. Scope ____ 2. If a procedure is called more than once in a program, the values stored in the procedure’s local variables will persist only if declared with the keyword. ____ 3. A is a special variable in a Sub or Function heading that receives an argument’s value/address from a calling procedure. ____ 4. Which of the following calls does not pass in valid arguments to the following GetANumber subprocedure? Sub GetANumber(ByVal intNumber as Integer) ' does some code End Sub ____ 5. When calling a Sub Procedure, the arguments and the corresponding parameters must agree in all of the following ways except one of the following. a. The order of arguments and parameters must correspond b. The names of the arguments and parameters must correspond c. The type the arguments and parameters must correspond d. the number of the arguments and the parameters must be the same Chapter 6 1
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____ 6. Which of the following code is a correctly written function named Average that will accept three integers as parameters, calculate their average and return the result. ____
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