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Joy Luck Club Journal - Section 7 RETELL An-Mei talks to Rose about her marriage. She tells Rose that she is making a bad choice, watching her marriage fall apart. Rose says that she has no choice. An-Meis childhood is resumed, she moves to her mothers place where she finds out he husband has several existing wives and that she has a brother, Syaudi, whom one of the wives claimed as their own. After several attempts of suicide from one of the wives, she kept getting benefits. Two years before the lunar New Year An-Meis mother committed suicide. Although it looked like a failed fake suicide, An-Mei knew that it wasn’t. An- Mei and her brother were from then on seen as “honored Children”. Ying-Ying is staying with her daughter Lena. Lena thinks she knows everything about her mother. Ying-Ying knows that Lena’s marriage will fall apart. Lena reminds Ying-Ying of her child hood, and how she was stubborn and spoiled. At age 16 she knew who she was going to marry. Her husband left her for another women and she aborted
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