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Joy Luck Journal 8 - Joy Luck Club Journals Section 8...

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Joy Luck Club Journals – Section 8 RETELL Double Face is about when Waverly is about to be married and how Lindo and Waverly and how Lindo and Waverly resembled features. An accident made Lindo’s nose crooked, and Waverly’s nose is becoming crooked as well. Lindo tells her to get cosmetic surgery, but Waverly is pleased to share this cosmetic feature with Lindo, she thinks they look devious. People don’t always know what they are thinking, but when they reach china, she is still seen as American. She wonders what she has lost to be recognized as American instead of Chinese. A Pair of Tickets is the last chapter in this story. It explains why Suyuan had to leave the girls and how they were found by a Muslim family. Suyuan was going to Chungking to meet her husband, no one was accepting rides. After walking for a long time, Suyuan realized she could not go on carrying the babies, so she left them by the side of the road and wrote a note, saying that if they were delivered to a certain address, the deliverer would be rewarded greatly. The family who found them kept the kids until
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