O. Drucker on Knowing Yourself

O. Drucker on Knowing Yourself - • Historically, we were...

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Managing Oneself, Drucker chapter 6 Most knowledge workers will have to manage themselves They will have to stay mentally active and able to learn over a longer work life span than ever before They will likely outlive their employing organization if they stay at one Must be prepared for more than one job or career Face new demands Must know themselves Ascertain strengths, Drucker advocates continuous feedback self-analysis Concentrate on strengths, improve them, but don’t be arrogant about them Acknowledge weaknesses and bad habits Decide how you learn most efficiently, are you a reader or a listener Discover your ethical values How will you react in a values conflict? Discover where you belong Not a decision that can be made at the beginning of a career Is usually easier to decide where you don’t belong Drucker says successful careers are not always planned, they are prepared for Decide what your contribution should be
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Unformatted text preview: • Historically, we were told what to do • Knowledge work is changing that • Where can my results be meaningful (maybe not save the world, but deliver a good product or service) • Where can my contribution make a difference? Take relationship responsibility • Must accept that other people are individuals like you • To be effective you have to know others as you know yourself (strengths, how they learn, values…) • Communicate with people Plan for the second half of your life • Individuals will often (if not usually) outlive organizations or positions • You may late in life be faced with finding a new job or career – Late life changes have their own unique difficulties • Even retirement is different – Strictly manual workers are happy to retire and rest – Knowledge workers still generally need stimulation even after retirement...
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O. Drucker on Knowing Yourself - • Historically, we were...

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