BA 3361 Syllabus

BA 3361 Syllabus - BA 3361-504, Mon/Wed., 530-645pm...

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BA 3361-504 , Mon/Wed., 530-645pm Organizational Behavior Spring 2011 Instructor: David Ritchey University of Texas at Dallas Office: SOM 2.250 P.O.Box 830688, SM-20 Phone: 972-883-4076 Richardson, Texas, 75083 Email: Fax: 972-883-6425 Office hours: Wednesday, 3-4pm before class or by appointment Required Texts : Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave by Leigh Branham You will need three (3) scantron forms # 882-E available in the bookstore. Course Description: This course will provide you with an introduction to the field of Organizational Behavior. We will cover many topics at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Attendance is expected. Purposes of the course - By the time you leave this class, you should be able to: 1) develop insight and sensitivity in regards to people in organizations, 2) develop an understanding of Organizational Behavior as a behavioral science that impacts individuals, specifically through decision making, values, motivation, leadership, perception, and job satisfaction, 3) develop an understanding of how groups function and how groups and individuals interact through group dynamics, conflict resolution, and team work, 4) apply associated theories to individual, group, and organization level behavior, 5) respond in a profitable manner to the impact that diversity and ethics have on organizations, 6) transfer the research, concepts, and theories in the study of organizational behavior to real-life settings. Program Learning Objectives - upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1) explain and apply major theoretical and scholarly approaches, empirical findings, and historical trends in a social/behavioral science 2) explain and apply basic research methods in a social/behavioral science. 3) identify, explain, and apply modes of critical thinking used in a social/behavioral science. Final Grade Calculation will be as follows (percent of total points): 97 and above A+ 93 – 96.99 A 90 – 92.99 A- Grade evaluation mix 87 – 89.99 B+ 83 – 86.99 B Test1 28% 80 – 82.99 B- Test 2 28% 77 – 79.99 C+ Test 3 29% 73 – 76.99 C Mini Papers 10% 70 – 72.99 C- Attendance(10 random days) 5% 67 – 69.99 D+ 63 – 66.99 D 60 – 62.99 D- anything below 60%, is a grade of F There will not be a make-up exam if you miss a test. If you miss a test, you will take a cumulative final test covering the material on the test you missed plus the material from the 3 rd test. If you score poorly on a test, you do not have the option of taking a cumulative final exam. If you wish to do well in this class : attend class regularly, this should be taken for granted take good notes (I don’t supply copies if you are not here) do well on exams arrive on time, don’t suggest a time to leave try to not get up in the middle of a lecture and walk out, be courteous to everyone do your own work, no side conversations, turn off all electronics
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BA 3361 Syllabus - BA 3361-504, Mon/Wed., 530-645pm...

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