Exam 2 Review Terms - assume responsibility in the postwar...

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1. “court-packing” 2. Repatriation 3. Dust Bowl 4. John Collier 5. IRA 6. Good Neighbor Policy 7. Neutrality Acts 8. Lend-Lease Act 9. Bataan Death March a. Allied campaign got off to a rough start in Pacific b. Largest mass surrender in US military history 10. Battle of Midway 11. D-Day 12. Double V Campaign
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13. GI Bill of Rights 14. Japanese Internment 15. Zoot Suit Riots a. Thought there was something very un-American, something seditious about Zoot suits;  unusual style of dress b. Rumors they were evading draft 16. Bracero Program 17. Manhattan Project 18. American century a. End of WWII, US is going to be a superpower b. Dictate peace terms, new world order c. Convince American people to step away from non-intervention, we’re gonna have to 
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Unformatted text preview: assume responsibility in the postwar era 19. Truman Doctrine 20.Marshall Plan 21. NATO 22.CIA 23.Israel a. Exception to the rule of Cold War 24.HUAC 25.McCarthyism 26.Earl Warren 27. Termination 28.Korean Conflict a. Truman containment in action; tough on Comm b. Do something about skirmish c. Truman’s easily defeated in next election 29.“New Look” a. different from Truman Doctrine – containment b. New Look, John Foster Dulles – not enough, need to roll back Communism 30.Guatemala and United Fruit a. Effort to roll back Communism...
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Exam 2 Review Terms - assume responsibility in the postwar...

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