bio - common plants around us—trees grasses and garden...

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Angiosperm Flowering Plants Meaning “enclosed seed”: the ovules and seeds are enclosed in a modified leaf called a carpel First flowering plants were known to exist approx. 140 million years ago Over a term of 60 million years became the most dominant plant life on the planet Represent approx. 80% of all known green plants 250,000 species of living plants are angiosperm Flowers house separate male and female sporangia and gametophytes for reproduction Flowers are the sites of pollination and fertilization
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Like other plants, the angiosperms alternate a sporophytic generation with a gametophytic one, a sporic meiosis Angiosperm sporophytes are the
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Unformatted text preview: common plants around us—trees, grasses, and garden vegetables. They produce through meiosis (reduction division) two kinds of spores in specialized structures of their flowers, microspores in the anthers and megaspores in the ovules contained within the ovaries. The gametophytes, which develop from the spores, are much reduced in size. The microgametophyte consists of only three cells and is the germinated pollen grain. The megagametophyte is the mature embryo sac, a seven-celled structure in the ovule surrounded by, and dependent upon, sporophyte tissue....
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bio - common plants around us—trees grasses and garden...

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