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APA One Space Rule - After punctuation marks at the ends of...

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APA One Space Rule According to APA, the Style Guide that you will use in this course, you will set margins on all sides to one inch and each line is to be double spaced. You will use a single space after each period. If you were like me, you probably did not know why you were told to use two spaces after each period when using a typewriter. When we type with a typewriter, we use two spaces after each period because the character spacing on a typewriter is non- proportional. When we type with word processors or typesetters, we use a single space after each period. This is because the character spacing on word processors and typesetters is proportional. Before you submit your projects, you must make sure that you have single space after each period. APA requires that you leave one space after all punctuation as follows: After commas, colons, and semicolons.
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Unformatted text preview: After punctuation marks at the ends of sentences. After periods that separate parts of a reference citation. After the period with the initials in personal names. The sixth edition of the APA Manual (page 87, par 4.01) has the same information but it also states that two spaces are used after periods for draft manuscripts. This does not apply to us. To easily change two spaces to one space: 1. Highlight the text 2. Press Alt+e (hold down Alt and press e) and press e again to display Find and Replace dialog box. 3. In Find what: type a period and two spaces. 4. In Replace with: type a period and one space. 5. Click Replace All. All two spaces after periods will change to one space. 6. Click close. Because it is so easy to change, you should not be overly concerned when typing. Just make sure to use the six steps above. Barakaat...
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