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Suggested and Banned Topics The topics below provided by Kaplan, are some topics where credible sources of information can be found: Space exploration: Should we spend money on space exploration? Why? What benefits have we received? What do we expect to learn and/or receive from exploring space? The Patriot Act Is the Act unconstitutional? Do we need the Act to keep us safe from terrorism? How should the U.S. deal with terrorism? Should the U.S. do more to prevent terrorism? What? Using technology to stop terrorism Are you willing to lose your privacy to be kept safe from terrorism? Private military firms Should the U.S. use private military firms? Why or why not? Who should be responsible for those firms? The U.S. government? The United Nations? Should those firms be held accountable to U.S. laws or the laws of the countries in which they are working? Illegal immigration Should we close the borders? How? What should we do with the illegal immigrants who are already in the U.S.? Should they be deported or given a pathway to citizenship? Immigration Should the U.S. change its current immigration policies? How? Why? Free speech
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Suggested_and_Banned_Topics[1] - Suggested and Banned...

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