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Course Syllabus - Course Syllabus HU261 Global Civilization...

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Course Syllabus HU261 Global Civilization TABLE OF CONTENTS Academic Appeals Policy Discussion Boards Plagiarism Policy Attendance/Tardiness Policy Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation Projects Course Calendar Instructor’s Grading Criteria/Timetable Rubrics Course Description Instructor and Seminar Information Seminars Course Information Kaplan University Grading Scale Tutoring Course Materials Late Work Policy Course Outcomes Netiquette COURSE INFORMATION TOP Term: August: 1004B Dates: August 25, 2010 – November 9, 2010 Course Number/Section: HU261 – 02H Course Title: Honors Global Civilization Credit Hours: 5 Prerequisites: Any College Composition I or Effective Writing I course (CM102 – CM114) It is strongly recommended that you complete the Campus Tour , available on your Student Homepage. This essential tutorial discusses hardware and software requirements as well as presenting an overview of learning with the eCollege platform. INSTRUCTOR AND SEMINAR INFORMATION TOP Instructor Name and Credentials: R. J. Pyle M.L.S., M.A., PhD (in process)
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Kaplan Email Address: [email protected] AIM Instant Messenger Name: KaplanPyle AIM Office Hours: Kaplan no longer has set office hours. Leave a note under "Course Questions" to set up an appt. EST Course/Seminar Day and Time (EST): Thursday, 9pm EST COURSE MATERIALS TOP Textbook Information Title: Understanding Global Cultures: Metaphorical Journeys Through 28 Nations, Clusters of Nations, and Continents Author: Martin Gannon ISBN [from Sage website] 05-04-2009 Publisher: Sage Publications Software Requirements AOL Instant Messenger: If you are not an AIM Member you can download the free service by visiting the following site: Courses within the School of General Education may also require other software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Java, Flash Player, etc. See “Software Requirements” in the classroom under Course Home for the specific requirements for this class. COURSE DESCRIPTION TOP The purpose of this course is to gain an in-depth understanding of global cultures through the use of the cultural metaphors, which is any activity, phenomenon, or institution that people in that culture identify with emotionally and/or cognitively. Each cultural metaphor represents an underlying value expressive of the culture itself. All of us have probably had the experience of wondering why people in a different culture do
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Course Syllabus - Course Syllabus HU261 Global Civilization...

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