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Unit 2 Key Terms tsukiyama = Japanese ‘wet’ garden Japanese garden which has a pond or some other sort of water wa the concept of harmony, particularly group harmony shikata The way of doing things, with special emphasis on the form and the order of the process. seishin belief that stresses the importance of self-discipline and devotion to duty senpai used to address or refer to one's senior colleagues in a school, company, sports club, or other group tatemae means what you actually show or literally ‘facade’
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Unformatted text preview: honne is what you really think or literally ‘the truth’ Shinto A religion native to Japan, characterized by veneration of nature spirits and ancestors and by a lack of formal dogma. hodo hodo zoku “so-so folks”, a generation of young people who are not very interested in promotions and advancement, but want more time and freedom for their families and leisure pursuits Gender empowerment measure United Nations index which is an index of female participation in a nation’s economy and politics...
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