Frequncy of single tone radar

Frequncy of single tone radar - %%% Setting targets'...

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% Frequncy of single tone radar% clear all; L=180; delta_y=0.25; %Cross Range Resoltuion yn=-200; %Target Azimuth Xc=1200; %Range distance to the centre of the target area c=3e8; %Propogation Speed lambda=2*(delta_y*(sin(atan((yn+L)/Xc))-sin(atan((yn-L)/Xc)))); freq=c/lambda; %%%Nyquist Sampling Criterion%%% Yc=-100; %Median of Yn Y0=200; %Target Range theta_max=atan((Yc+Y0+L)/Xc); % Maximum Aspect Angle theta_min=atan((Yc-Y0-L)/Xc); % Minimum Aspect Angle k=2*pi/lambda; du=pi/(k*(sin(theta_max)-sin(theta_min))); %Nyquist Sampling Criteria N=2*ceil(2*1.2*L/du*0.5); %Number of Samples u=(-N/2:N/2-1)*du; %Aperture Domain dku=2*pi/(N*du); ku=(-N/2:N/2-1)*dku; %Spatial Frequency Domain
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Unformatted text preview: %%% Setting targets' coordinates and reflectivity %%% ntarget=1; yn=zeros(1,ntarget); yn(1)=1*Y0; fn(1)=1; s=zeros(1,N); for i=1:ntarget dis=sqrt(Xc^2+(Yc+yn(i)-u).^2); %Phase modulation signal in u domain s=s+fn(i)*exp(-j*2*k*dis).*(abs(u)<=L); end %%% Imaging %%% figure; %%% in S(w,u) domain%%% subplot(2,1,1); plot(u,real(s)); title(' For y=100, in u domain '); xlabel('u'); ylabel('Magnitude'); S=fftshift(fft(fftshift(s))); % to visualize the F.T. move the zero freq to the centre of the spectrum.% subplot(2,1,2); plot(ku,abs(S)); title(' For y=100, in ku domain '); xlabel(' ku '); ylabel(' Magnitude ');...
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Frequncy of single tone radar - %%% Setting targets'...

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