assignment1 - EECE 580B Modern Coding Theory WWW:

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Page 1 out of 2. EECE 580B Modern Coding Theory Homework assignment #1 WWW: Due date: September 15, 2:50pm Gaussian elimination in binary arithmetic Problem description: You are given a binary matrix of size ( rows and columns) and a binary column vector of right hand sides (RHS) . In order to find the solution of the system of binary linear equations , with unknown , we can use Gaussian elimination done in binary arithmetic (see below). Implement Gaussian elimination algorithm, that for given matrix and RHS vector outputs solution . You are not asked to implement the solver in full details, use the following simplifications: Declare error (see below how to declare error in Matlab) if there is no possible solution to the system. Declare error if there is more than one solution vector (major simplification to the algorithm). I expect the solution of this assignment in the form of Matlab function: function x = bin_gauss_solve(A, b) % implement the body of this function end Implement the algorithm by yourself; do not use Matlab build-in functions for solving in binary arithmetic. Test your code with provided matrices and RHS vectors (see below). By using the functions
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assignment1 - EECE 580B Modern Coding Theory WWW:

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