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Outline of the course - Bioimaging 10/7 Radiation imaging...

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Topic Date Notes Introduction to Biomedical Electronics 8/31 Basics of Photonics 9/2 Basics of Electronics 9/7 UB Holiday 9/9 UB Holiday Basics of Biology 9/14 Heart and Circulation System, Artificial Pacemakers 9/16 Quiz 1 Electrocardiography 9/21 Homework 1 due 9/28 (submit to UBLearns Digital Dropbox ) No class 9/23 No class Electroencephalography 9/28 Electroretinography and Electromyography 9/30 Microscopy 10/5
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Unformatted text preview: Bioimaging 10/7 Radiation imaging 10/12 MRI and Ultrasound 10/14 Quiz 2 Biosensors 10/19 Homework 2 due 10/26 (submit to UBLearns Digital Dropbox ) Intracellular electric fields, Laser tweezers, Scissors 10/21 Microarray Technology 10/26 Midterm exam 10/28 Midterm exam Photodynamic Therapy 11/2 Flow Cytometry 11/4 Bio-Inspired Engineering 11/9 Quiz 3 Individual presentations 11/11-12/9 Individual presentations...
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