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Name Person Number Graduate/Undergraduate EE 480/580 Biomedical Electronics Homework #2 due Thursday October 28 1. What is used in CT scan: A. Sound waves B. Optical waves C. X-rays D. Magnetic field E. Microwaves 2. What is Doppler effect? What are the advantages of Doppler Ultrasound compared to the conventional one? 3. Explain the difference between PET and SPECT. 4. (required for graduate students, optional for undergraduates)
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Unformatted text preview: Find a peer-reviewed research paper published in the last 2 years (2009-2010) focused on design and applications of plasmonic biosensors. Write one page summary explaining the goals and main results of the paper. Please remember that a plagiarism is unacceptable, so please use your own words to explain the ideas. Explain how Doppler Ultrasound works....
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