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Physics 591 - Homework Set # 3 Due: Monday, September 13 5 pm THIS HOMEWORK MUST BE DONE BY HAND, NO MATHEMATICA ALLOWED! 1. Consider a system in which there are only two linearly independent states. In some basis these states are the system is in a state suppose there is an operator which in this basis reads a) If the dynamical variable corresponding to this operator is measured, what are the possible outcomes and their probabilities? b) Now assume that out of the possible outcomes, you found the
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Unformatted text preview: smallest. What is the ket representing the system immediately after the measurement? c) Compute the uncertainty in when the system is in state |1>. d) Construct the matrix that performs the change of basis from the original basis to that in which is diagonal. Explicitly transform to its diagonal basis as well as the state |1>. e) Construct a second operator in the original basis that is compatible with . You must Fnd one that is NOT diagonal....
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