Consuming Grief Ch10 Outline

Consuming Grief Ch10 Outline - Death causes irreversible...

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Unformatted text preview: Death causes irreversible distance between living and dead Perceive each other dimly/distorted If both accept the final change and reconcile with new lives perceive each other clearly Long time for spirit to adjust Miss relatives Joins relatives after fully integrating into ancestral society Ancestors emerge from water as white-lipped peccaries visit living Wari Shaman tells bereaved family spirit appeared as peccary Tangible evidence it fully integrated into ancestral society Many Wari, mostly woman, see images of white-lipped peccary Only way ancestors can interact w/ living in nonthreatening way 1) Spirit emerges from water as white-lipped peccary 2) Approaches hunter close relative presents itself to be shot a. Ensures its meat will go to feed the relatives 3) Shot doesnt harm spirit spirits never die 4) Spirit leaves animals body 5) Returns to water 6) Will return in another peccary body Shamans look at dead peccary and identifies spirit Before butchering hunters confirm identity with shaman Almost always identifies as close consanguine or affine of hunter Peccaries killed by hunter are usually people who have died recently Dont see it strange to hunt own ancestors Conversation overheard at Santo Andr day after 2 peccaries killed Shaman (Maxun Kwarain) speaking to young widow (Jimon O) Wife died 2 years earlier in childbirth Man not mourning publicly anymore but still missed wife and didnt remarry Even though he was struggling with two small sons Maxun told Jimon O that one peccary was his dead wife Is that so? Is it all right in the water? Jimon O, nonchalantly Shes fine. With the peccaries, she took another husband and has a peccary baby now. Maxun Thats nice. Jimon O, only comment Jimon O! Doesnt that make you sad ? Arent you sad that your wifes cousin killed her yesterday and you ate her today?! Conklin (author Jimon O looked puzzled No. Why should I be sad? They just killed her body. She isnt angry. Her children are eating meat. It doesnt hurt her; shell just have another body. Why should I be sad? The ancestors are happy that we have meat to eat. Eating animal that are relatives is not morbid/repulsive Peccaries gift of own flesh natural extension of food giving essence of family life Alive give bodies to nourish family Breast milk, semen, foods physical labor produce Death disrupts nurturance flow, but ancestors who still remember and care provide meat White-lipped Peccary consider most nourishing of all meats Each death creates new ancestor Newly made ancestor have emotional ties to the living As dead grow accustomed to underworld, memories of former lives grow dim Nostalgia and concern for living become less intense dead gradually forgot about living, just like living gradually forget about...
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Consuming Grief Ch10 Outline - Death causes irreversible...

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