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Consuming Grief Ch1 - Consuming Grief Chapter 1 Summary...

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Consuming Grief Chapter 1 ( p3-23) Summary Chapter One lays out the groundwork of how cannibalism was studied in the Wari Tribe in South America. The author, Beth Conklin describes cannibalism in other parts of the world and cites evidence of its existence. The purpose of this is to prove that cannibalism is real and does exist. The word cannibalism has different meanings around the world. It was also used as a political weapon so that the Spaniards could gain land from tribes. Spain ruled that it was legal to enslave cannibal tribes only. Cannibalism in Europe was mostly for medicinal purposes. They used blood to cure diseases such as epilepsy, arthritis, warts, etc. There was nothing personal about European cannibalism. It was for commercial reasons and therefore was a more accepted practice. The study of cannibalism in South America was a social practice that dealt with relationships. There are two types of cannibalism – Endocannibalism and Exocannibalism . Endo is the ritual of eating humans that the tribe has social relationships to. Exo is the practice of eating enemies outside the tribe. This book deals with endocannibalism only. South American cannibalism has all to do with spirituality, relationships and rituals and therefore is not easily accepted. Beth Conklin described how she conducted her study by living amongst the tribe in the village of Santo Andrea. She conducted interviews with the elders of 5 villages
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Consuming Grief Ch1 - Consuming Grief Chapter 1 Summary...

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