Consuming Grief Ch3

Consuming Grief Ch3 - Consuming Grief Chapter 3 Summary...

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Consuming Grief Chapter 3 (p47-62) Summary Chapter three starts the process of outside contact with the Wari. The end of independence and isolation from all other society came in stages between 1956 and 1969. In chapter three, Beth Conklin talks about the adjustment and transition of the Wari tribe as they were persuaded to break their isolation and enter peaceful relations with outsiders. Wari contact was done by expeditions sponsored by the SPI. The first of Wari contact was in 1956 and most of the rest of the Wari population received contact in 1961- 62. Contact with the members of the expeditions introduced infectious diseases that the isolated Wari population had never developed immunological resistance to. These diseases influenced the Wari to accept contact with the outsiders and bring in medicines into their villages. The rumors of cannibalism in Wari tribes caught the attention of many people in and around Rondonia. Cannibalism provided moral justification for taking control of Indians and their land. The reality that cannibalism existed in Wari tribes strengthened
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Consuming Grief Ch3 - Consuming Grief Chapter 3 Summary...

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