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Trans Tortillas Ch1 - Name Matthew Ruggieri Date Carolina...

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Name: Matthew Ruggieri Date: 11/9/10 Carolina Bank Munoz. Transnational Tortillas: Race, Gender, And Shop-Floor Politics In Mex- ico And The United States. Copyright 2008 by Cornell University Chapter 1 Pages 1-23 Summary Chapter one talks about the many inequalities that are presented in two different modern day hacienda factories. One hacienda factory is located in California and the other is in Mexico. The situation that is constantly brought up throughout the chapter is the salary difference between documented to non-documented workers. Many individuals who work at these factories want to receive more money and better hours for the amount of labor they put into the job. Due to the documentation process, people who are illegal have no chance of negotiating anything be- cause they are a liability to the corporation they work under. Also, the salary at each establish- ment ranges from $1-10.50 an hour, causing an uproar with many of the workers. Another circumstance that the author goes into great detail about is the racial/gender in- equality that tears apart the hacienda factory regime. In both factories the people tend to question the manager role. Even though people would like to be treated equally that isn’t the case; women are sexually harassed by managers and are discriminated against because of skin complexion. Also, women are out straight on the assembly line and are rarely increased with their wages.
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Trans Tortillas Ch1 - Name Matthew Ruggieri Date Carolina...

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