Trans Tortillas Ch4

Trans Tortillas Ch4 - K elsey Fi tzsimmons 11/11/10...

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Kelsey Fitzsimmons 11/11/10 Carolina Bank Munoz. Transnational Tortillas: Race, Gender, And Shop-Floor Politics In Mexico And The United States. Copyright 2008 by Cornell University Chapter 4 Pages 64-95 Summary In this chapter Munoz describes the factory environment. She explains the conditions of the factory, the social politics within the factory and work life within the factory. Munoz says Hacienda CA is characterized by immigrations regime. “The immigration regime represents broad social politics, which include state politics, labor market conditions, and the anti-immigrant climate (which is racialized).” Managers effectively use the immigration regime as a way to control their workers. Since immigrant workers are in such a vulnerable position in the work field, employers easily take advantage of them and ensure worker commitment. They describe the “ideal worker” as “a hard- working yet vulnerable Mexican immigrant.” Managers will use workers immigration status to pin undocumented workers and documented workers against one another. Documented workers are made to seem like the more powerful group and undocumented workers are led by a more tyrannical type of approach; treated like second class citizens. Hacienda has two factories where research took place with 499 in CA; all workers are Latina/o and it is suspected that half of them are undocumented. The company operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Undocumented workers are usually given the night
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Trans Tortillas Ch4 - K elsey Fi tzsimmons 11/11/10...

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