Trans Tortillas Ch5

Trans Tortillas Ch5 - Stephn Hood November 28, 2010 Munoz,...

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Stephén Hood November 28, 2010 Munoz, C B. (2008). Transitional tortillas: race, gender, and shop-floor politics in mexico and the united states . Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press. Chapter 5- Hacienda BC: Gender Regime Pages 96-129 Summary Hacienda BC is a large white factory with blue trim, located in Baja California, that is ran coercively. Its open six days a week from 6am-10pm. there is a night shift from 10pm-6am, but no one really works the night shift. All the workers are Mexican, and over 90 percent of the workers didn’t come from Baja California. The environment is more relaxed and cordial. Everyone talks to each other, and they even eat tortillas that won’t be used. Overall the factory is clean, but it has poor ventilation; which makes the conditions very hot. The machines that are used for manufacturing are old and cheap. Since the workers aren’t provided with compensation insurance, there is little to no safety equipment for the workers. This chapter of the book gives us an in depth view and analysis of Hacienda BC and the gender regime. Hacienda BC is governed by a gender regime. Because of the Baja California labor market, Hacienda BC is feminized. There are 140 Hacienda BC production workers, and 72 percent of them are women. Work in Hacienda BC is labor intensive, so more women are hired. Women make two dollars less per day than all the male workers. The production workers are predominately women, but none of the women are a part of trucking, warehouse, or
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Trans Tortillas Ch5 - Stephn Hood November 28, 2010 Munoz,...

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