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Running head: HIV/AIDS OVERVIEW 1 HIV/AIDS overview Cynthia Fry HCA/240 02/20/2011 University of Phoenix
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HIV/AIDS OVERVIEW 2 HIV/AIDS overview “The advances made during the last 25 years toward understanding the biology of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have not yet clarified the causes of the immunopathogenesis associated with this infection.” (A.B, 2007) According to statistics in December 2000, “there are 36.1 million people are living with HIV/AIDS.” (, 2011) This statistic only means people are living with one or the other, which is easily misunderstood by many to be the same. HIV means a person has tested positive for the virus. It usually takes at least ten years to become AIDS or when the immune system starts to fail. The virus can easily be transmitted if someone is not careful enough to look after others interests. HIV can be transmitted through several ways. The way most people hear about it being transmitted is through bodily fluids. Having unsafe sex is a common mistake people do not think about. They forget to protect themselves or do not think about the consequence to their actions. A mother can transmit the disease to her baby by breastfeeding and not know she is doing any harm than good. Any open sores or cuts can transfer fluids within a second causing someone to become infected. After contact with HIV a person may not know it until it has already turned into AIDS. A person may realize there is something wrong when they have a harder time fighting infections as simple as a cold. When this happens the cells called CD4 cells are destroyed by the HIV virus. When the t-cells (a form of white blood cells) drop to lower number such as 200 or below it has changed into AIDS. At this point the body can’t fight infections at all resulting in
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AIDS overview - Running head HIV/AIDS OVERVIEW 1 HIV/AIDS...

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