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solomon_closereading_draft - 1 Bethlehem Solomon Joseph...

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Bethlehem Solomon Joseph Wensink UWS 5A-2: Current Events and the Rhetoric of Political Commentary 20 September 2010 What aspect of writing this draft was most difficult? The aspect of this draft that was most difficult for me was staying in the claim- paragraph structure. I am very used to not having structured many of my paragraphs in this manner and will need to focus on that for the final draft. What came fairly easy? & How did the pre-drafts affect your approach to writing the essay? The second pre-draft seemed to help me the most and also assisted in making the draft easier to write. When writing the introduction, I was forced to thinking about and construct the overarching flow of my essay. This helped me to organize my paper as a whole. What in-class exercises did you find most valuable? The in-class exercise that I found most valuable was looking at essays with ‘claim, evidence, analysis, and modified claim’ structures. This was helpful because it allowed me to see how this type of paragraph structure works since I don’t frequently use it. 1
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Definition of Success Success is something that all individuals from any and every background strive for. Success is the ultimate happiness in the eyes of many. If this holds to be true, failure can be seen as the exact opposite—the ultimate sorrow. This perspective, however, is deemed infantile by the author of Redefining Failure , Julie Baird. Baird uses specific logos to create an appeal via ethos and pathos to the reader. Once this is created, Baird uses it to intimately show the reader their individual role in this great problem that goes beyond the recession. Baird, in this article, strives to show the reader the importance of every perspective and hierarchy of priorities in the definition of both success and, consequently, failure. Baird argues that despite modern thought due to the recession, “failure can be a good thing.” Baird’s first step is to prove herself credible to the reader. Baird does this via her use of logos. The logos that Baird uses is composed of evidence that the reader can relate to. She refers to terms that reflect financial growth and success as “relics.” This sarcastic approach shows the reader that although promotions, bonuses, retirement savings, and the like are desirable— they have become infrequent, if present at all. Baird also uses factual evidence to further her use of logos to appeal to the reader. She profoundly states “those who work in palliative care report
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solomon_closereading_draft - 1 Bethlehem Solomon Joseph...

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