JABBAAREVANSPHI-384APP3 - The major turning point came when...

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Jabbaar Evans Ethics and The Business Professional Dr. Richard Bergstrom, Sr. Application project 3 PHI-384 February 19, 2011 In evaluating my performance as a morally responsible group member, I can truly say that I have grown as a “team player”. I can recall when I first joined the Army I was totally opposed to working closely with people. The main reason for this behavior was because I had it in my mind early in boot camp that I needed one to get me here and I certainly didn’t need anyone to keep me here. Growing up in a rough neighborhood I made it my business to always do for self and always stayed away from anything that had to do with team building. Needless to say, my first 1yr. of service was one of selfishness.
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Unformatted text preview: The major turning point came when I was stationed overseas in Korea for a training exercise. I was in amazement to see that not only were there countless members of the armed forces working together, but also participating in our exercises were the ROK soldiers themselves. It was a cool sight for me to see. From that point on I worked diligently on working on my team building skills. Throughout the course of my enlistment I learned to effectively assist fellow soldiers and learned how important morale and personal courage is detriment to the lives of the young men and women that were serving hand to hand beside me for the common goal of protecting the freedom and way of life for the U.S. .....
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JABBAAREVANSPHI-384APP3 - The major turning point came when...

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