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Exam 2 Study Guide, PHI 2630 Ethical Issues 1. Everything from Study Guide 1 2. Thomson 2.1.arguments why right to life does not mean we cannot perform an abortion a) The Argument that right to life entails that we cannot perform an abortion b) Does Thomson think the notion of personhood is important? c) Why does Thomson think this argument fails? Violinist Rapidly growing child Henry Fonda (Brad Pitt) People seeds 3. What does Marquis mean by abortion? 4. Marquis's intractability of rights based on personhood (2 arguments that show this) 4.1.why do these arguments show that rights based arguments are intractable? 5. What does FLO mean 5.1.What is FLO a general principle for? 5.2.How does FLO enter into the abortion debate? 5.3.Does a creature need to be aware of it's FLO in order for their FLO to count? 5.4.4 Arguments for FLO 5.5.4 objections, 4 replies 6. Retributivists think one should be punished because? 7.
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