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Review for exam 1

Review for exam 1 - Fall 2007 Ethical Issues Review for...

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Fall 2007, Ethical Issues: Review for Exam 1 What is an argument What an argument is not 2 conditions for a good argument Moral arguments Moral claims Moral principles Identify actions from non-actional events Consequentialist criteria of rightness (conditions) The “good” (some common goods) An argument for consequentialism 5 advantages of consequentialism Rule consequentialism v. act consequentialism How do we “test” moral arguments/principles Problem of the “good” Problem of epistemology of consequences Problem of demandingness of consequentialism (version 1&2) One thought too many Problems of justice Problems of distribution Possible responses to problems for consequentialism Reduction problem of rule consequentialism Does rule consequentialism help? Difference between deontology & consequentialism Derived v. underived reasons Agent neutral v. agent relative reasons 2 realms with agent relative, underived reasons (& explain) Ross's 6 underived duties & examples Prima Facie duties
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