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FSU Fall 2007 CMI syllabus

FSU Fall 2007 CMI syllabus - SYLLABUS PHI 2630 Ethical...

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SYLLABUS: PHI 2630, Ethical Issues MWF 11:15-12:05 Sections 1, 4, 6 201 Diffenbaugh Fall 2007 Instructor Course Supervisor Adam Feltz Dr. David McNaughton Office: 324 Diffenbaugh Office: 286 Dodd Hall Office Hours: MW 9:30-11:00 & appointment Telephone: 644-0823 Telephone: (850) 645-7363 E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistants Rachel Baker Clifford Sosis Office: 182d Dodd Hall Office: 318 Diffenbaugh Office Hours: TW 12:30-2:00 Office Hours: MWF 10:00-11:00 Telephone: 644-4132 Telephone: 645-7377 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Course Description and Objectives As a college student, I’m sure you spend many hours thinking about issues that are important to you: Ethics : Is premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion, or affirmative action wrong? Politics : What policies should I support with respect to war? poverty? taxation? Whom should I vote for? Social : How should we distribute wealth? Should drugs be legal? What types of immigration policies should I support? Professional : Should I continue in my current job? Should I stick with my current strategy for solving problems at work? Everyday decisions : Should I go to the party or study for the test? Where should I eat tonight? Personal decisions : What kinds of obligations do I have to my family / friends / strangers? Financial decisions : How should I spend / invest my money? This class will introduce you to new ways to think about certain kinds of issues. This class will give you the tools to be a more critical thinker. It will give you strategies for thinking about these issues and for assessing arguments. Warning : This is a harder class than it seems to be. That’s because the amount of information taught is neither very great nor very complicated. (That’s not to say it’s a small amount or that all of it is easy.) So some people are misled into thinking this class is easy. But what’s hard about this class is that you will be expected to use the material we learn. On the homework and on the exams, you will be expected to think about the world in ways that are (perhaps) new to you. And a lot of people find that very hard to do. The best advice to overcome this problem: Practice, practice, practice. Materials Required Texts: LaFollete, H. (Ed.). (2007). Ethics in practice (3rd ed.). Malden: Blackwell. Blackboard: Some of the texts are available in the “Course Library” section of the course Blackboard site. Those readings will have a (BB) beside them on the course schedule. Also, the written assignments and some class notes will be posted on Blackboard. Student Responsibilities You have several responsibilities. First, it is your responsibility to attend class on time . Coming late to class is disturbing both to us and to your fellow students. Second, you are responsible for all material covered in class. Third, it is your responsibility to make sure all unnecessary electronic devices are turned off. This means that the device cannot emit
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