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Florida State University Department of Sociology SYG 2010-03/06 Social Problems Dr. Gloria T. Lessan Fall 2006 Selected Advantages and Disadvantages of Research Methods Method Advantage Disadvantage Questionnaire Lack of flexibility May be completed at Low response rate respondent’s convenience Verbal behavior only Standardized wording Many questions may be Accessibility left unanswered No interviewer bias Inability to record spontaneous Greater assurance of anonym responses ity Cannot use complex quest- ionnaire format Interview Flexibility High cost and time Non verbal behavior Interviewer bias Spontaneity Less anonymity Respondent alone can answer
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Unformatted text preview: Limited standardized wording Completeness Inconvenience Experiment Establish causality Artificial environment Control Experimenter effect Longitudinal analysis Sample size Observation Non verbal behavior Lack of control Natural environment Difficulty of quantification Longitudinal analysis Small sample size Lack of anonymity Sources: Bailey, Kenneth D. Methods of Social Research. New York: The Free Press 1982 Orenstein, Alan and William R.F. Phillips. Understanding Social Research. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, Inc. 1978 Lofland, John. Analyzing Social Settings. Belmont, Ca: Wadsworth Pub. Co. 1971...
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