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Rubric for grading assignments of SYG 2010 Social Problems Based on the instructions: 1) The papers are to be 1 ½ to 2 page long Take off 10 points if the paper is one page or less 2) Arguments are to be supported with class readings or other academic references Take off 5 points for each argument without reference and/or uses non-academic references (e.g. Wikipedia), and/or improper citation format (not APA) If there are NO references at all, the paper grade is 60 If the arguments are based on personal opinion, the paper grade is 50 3) Grammar, spelling, and punctuation standards Take 1 point off for each spelling mistake or typo Take 2 points off for misuse of words e.g. misuse of their, they’re, or there Take 1 point off for punctuation problems such as lack or excessive use of
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Unformatted text preview: commas, or missing quotation and question marks, parentheses, etc. If the essay has no paragraphs i.e. one-page long paragraph, take 10 points off 4) Language should be college-level and original 5) Check for quotes, paraphrases, and flow of ideas. Take 5 or more points off if there are problems with writing style, originality of content, and misconceptions of the research arguments. Above all the paper should show the student’s familiarity with and clear understanding of the assigned class literature 6) Check for logical reasoning. If the arguments are contradictory take 5 or more points depending on the frequency of the contradictions and/or misinterpretations of the facts...
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