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THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM External, formal mechanism of social control to process individuals suspected of crimes. CJS: police, courts, prisons and alternative punishment programs/agencies. The enforcement and adjudication activities of the CJS are defined and constrained by substantive and procedural laws OR DUE PROCESS The CJS= funnel that sifts cases on the basis of extra-legal factors over and beyond “the facts” POLICE Respond to citizen’s calls about situations deemed serious enough to warrant reporting + Implement campaigns, albeit less frequently, to enforce particular laws or increase surveillance of particular groups. DUE PROCESS V DISCRETION Police Work = Exercise of Discretion Factors in discretion: perception, socio-demographics, location, and bystanders, among others. COURTS Agencies in charge of determining innocence or guilt of a criminal suspect under the arbitration of a judge.
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Unformatted text preview: Court Participants: Defendant’s lawyer, Prosecutors, and Judge… (defendant, jury, bailiffs, and public). JUDGE / \ / \ DEFENSE PROSECUTION | | ADVERSERIAL MODEL-or-COOPERTIVE MODEL COURT PROCESSING = EXPEDIENT CASE MANAGEMENT PRISONS Coercive organizations that house convicted offenders to keep them off the streets Who are convicted? Who are sent to prison? PRISONS = SOCIAL CONTROL BUT NEW LAWS + TOUGHER SENTANCING + OVERCORWDING + RECIDIVISM + VIOLENT-PRISON STRUCTURE | | | | PRISONS = SCHOOLS OF CRIME CORRECTIONS Community-based programs and agencies that control Convicted felons within the community: Probation, parole, house arrest, and shock probation Are corrections better than prisons? What are the consequences of the CJS? Effectiveness of job-training and community-participation programs....
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CJS_Notes__SYG2010 - Court Participants Defendant’s...

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