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Florida State University Sociology Department SYG 2010 Social Problems Dr. Gloria T. Lessan Fall 2007 Study Guide #4 CAVEAT: The present set of questions constitutes a guide to help you prepare for the final exam. It is not a contract that defines the test . 1. Whenever it is applicable, compare and contrast the following concepts: population growth, population composition, sex ratio, birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, population density, doubling time, immigration rate, migration rate, push and pull factors, ethnic enclaves, involuntary and voluntary segregation, population explosion, zero growth, demographic transition, Malthusian theory, Neo Malthusian, urbanization, SMSA, CMSA, megalopolis, and metropolis. 2. Describe the population of the world and the United States in terms of size, density, and contribution to population growth, and environmental problems. 3. What factors account for the growth in population? 4.
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