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Florida State University Sociology Department SYG 2010- Social Problems Dr. Gloria T. Lessan Fall 2007 Study Guide Questions #3 CAVEAT : The following questions are a guide to help you study the material for the 3rd Midterm exam. It is not a contract that defines the exam. 1. Elaborate on the two definitions of crime discusses in class. What advantages and disadvantages each has regarding our understanding of the social problem of crime 2. Define and compare, whenever applicable, the following concepts: crime, delinquency, crime rate, white-collar crime, victimless crime, organized crime, hate crimes, street crime, criminal recidivism, plea- bargain, dark area of crime, Uniform Crime Reports, Victimization surveys, self-reports on deviance, medicalization of deviance, Type I crimes, Type II crimes, specific deterrent and collective or general deterrence. 3. Define crime and crime rate. How does the FBI classify crime? Which crimes are used in the computation of the crime rate? What are the frequency and seriousness of the illegal behaviors used to calculate the official statistics of crime? 4. Why are official statistics of crime “social constructs?” Otherwise, how do police and citizens’ discretion affect crime statistics? 5.
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07SYG2010.sg3 - Florida State University Sociology...

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