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shakespeare timeline - SHAKESPEARE’S LIFE AND TIMES...

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Unformatted text preview: SHAKESPEARE’S LIFE AND TIMES: CHRONOLOGY OF DATES Events in Sinikeseeare’s Life Ewan: in Seeien! Approximate Dares of'Conmesiiion’k 1564 Shakespeare born. c. April 23, (*titles in bold type are of plays we Stratford—Upon—Avon, England will study this semester} 1579 leaves school (‘2) 1582 has affair with Ann Hathaway, 8 years his senior; marries her at end or year, when she is tour months pregnant. Throughout this period: women accused of “scolding” are often 1583‘ May: Susanna Shakespeare born punished by being made to wear a “blank,” t1 nictai bit worn over 11:05 :...:,.. LVL'u. .t._.r THI‘AU‘A‘. Ls.._ 4L. WAVWJLA .._.._-.._ "VI-.. syn—Ant“ 1LJDJ L¥\ URI, JLili I.“ tutu J 141]“th UL.” 1]. “it: HIKILHU, \'\'L)IllU]l \VUK.) LUl 5L l‘v’lttlies living as 21 school-teacher? are seen-seal more gravel}: of wiiehemf't 1588 Attempted invasion of England by Catholic Spanish Armada 1589 in London, acting The Comedy of Errors ('1) and writing plays . The Taming of the Shrew (‘2) THHS Andronicns ('2) 1590 English attempt to settle King John (‘2) Virginia in the New World Henril VI. Paris 1—3 1591 Richard [H 1592 First recorded public response to Shakespeares drama - and it is negative W hile theatres are closed, Outbnrst ol' plague kills many Venus and Adonis (poem) Shakespeare writes poetry Londoners and closes the theatres until April 1593 .1593 Major writer (and minor actor) Love ’5 Labour’s Lost ("or “The Chamberlain’s Men,” later The Two Gentlemen of Verona ('2) “The King’s Men,” the most Rape oancrere (poem) prominent acting troupe of the day. 1594 Romeo and Jilliei 1595 Richard I] A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1596 Shakespeare buys his family a The il’lerefmnli of Venice coat of arms = evidence of his Henry IV Part 1 financial success as a playwright (not to mention his snobberyi) son i-lumnet dies, aged 1 l. 1597 Henry IV Par! 2 The Merry Wives of Windsor 1... U1 \D (13 1599 1600 .1 604 1605 i607 1608 1609 1610 1611 1612 1613 1616 Becomes co—owner of the new Globe Theatre, the most famous theatre of the tiny, where many of his plays were performed Starts writing tragedy in preference to comedy Shakespeare finishes his sonnets? Shakespeare’s company acquire a new indoor theatre, The Blztckl‘riars; he starts writing a new type 01' play suited for the indoor stage, the “romance” Shakespeare retires to Stratlord; begins collaboration with young dramatist John Fletcher Globe Theatre bu ms down after a cannon misl‘ires during a production of Henry VIII Shakespeare dies, April 23, ang 52 Native Americans brought back from the New World exhibited at lens as “lreaks” Queen Elimbeth dies; King James, a Scot, is crowned. Severe outburst of plague kills 30,000 Londoners and closes the theatres “The Gunpowder Plot": Catholic terrorists, led by Guy Fawkes, try to blow up the Houses 01' Parlaument and assassinate the king. “they are caught and executed A ship sailing to Virginia is caught in u hurricane and wrecked upon the Bermudas Much Ado About Nothing AS You Like It Henry V Julius Caesar Hamlet '1 'Welflli Night ileum and Cressr'dn All’s Well The! Ends Well Measure For Measure Othello Kin g Lear niacin/iii Antony and Cleopnlm Pericles (with another playwrigth Timon (if/linens (?) Coriolanus C'wubeline The Winter's Tale The Tempest Gardenia (lost; with John Fletcher) Henry VIII (with John Fletcher) 77.29 Two Noble Kinsmen (with John Fletcher) ...
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shakespeare timeline - SHAKESPEARE’S LIFE AND TIMES...

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