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LIT 2020 Group Presentations - name just a few...

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LIT 2020 Group Presentations As a group you will be responsible for: Defining significant parts and how they are related Making explicit the implicit elements of the text (these could be themes, concepts,  ideologies, prejudices, or literary techniques)   Identifying patterns of repetition or resemblance, binary opposites, and/or anomalies Offering supporting materials (these should promote contextualization of the primary  text, and could include historical information, background information on the author,  examples of other works by the author, other essays or articles that engage with similar  issues or concerns, opposing viewpoints, or critical reactions to the primary source, to 
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Unformatted text preview: name just a few possibilities) • Leading class discussion (In order to facilitate a productive discussion, you should raise provocative questions that arise from your analysis of the material) As you prepare for your Group Presentation, keep in mind these are the five basic criteria, the absolute minimum required. A quality Group Discussion session will not only incorporate these elements, it will surpass them. Be creative. Give thought to ways in which your group can make the discussion both interesting and informative . Each group will be responsible for making a handout, which can take whatever form your group deems appropriate....
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