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PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS Your portfolio is due between 2-4 on Thursday, December 6, 2007. You must put the portfolio in my hands. I will be in my office, Williams 322. Late portfolios will not be accepted! All portfolios should be in a pocket folder ( not a binder—they are too heavy to carry). Portfolios must include: 1. Early drafts of two stories with my comments and early drafts of two short shorts. Please label these, so I know which are which, and put them in the back pocket . 2. SIGNIFICANT revisions of both stories and both short shorts. These revisions should be virtually error free. You will be seriously penalized for major grammatical errors, verb tense problems, incorrect dialogue tags, or poor proof-reading. Remember , these drafts, as well as the final version, should show me your process and the amount of work you have put into these revisions. This should show me everything you have learned in this class. Think of it as your final exam. Put these in the front pocket. Everything must be clearly labeled with assignment number, title, and name. I will not go hunting
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