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Assignment 2.1142

Assignment 2.1142 - Assignment 2 Short Story with some sort...

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Assignment 2 – Short Story with some sort of RESEARCH element (8-12 pages) You can choose what sort of research will be most appropriate for your story, but you will have to research an outside topic and include it in your story in some way. You can choose either to research a historical basis (for example, it takes place at the same time Amelia Earhart disappeared) or you can research another element of the story’s background that requires external information (for example, if a student based a story on in vitro fertilization, the student will be required to research and write an annotated bibliography on that topic). During workshop, group members will look for ways in which the story could be strengthened or made more believable through research. The students will be required to attach an annotated bibliography describing their research. The story should be a complete fictional short story —beginning, middle, end.
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