2010 Eng 3014 Cl Is in Lit Stud(2)

2010 Eng 3014 Cl Is in Lit Stud(2) - Critical Issues in...

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Critical Issues in Literary Studies: ENG 3014 Section 1&2, Spring 2011 Professor Barry J. Faulk Class Meetings T/TR 11:00-12:15 Rm: WMS 121B Office: RM 219, WMS; email: bfaulk@fsu.edu Office Hours: Friday, 2-4 pm, and by appointment. Course Description : The course will introduce you to the most influential arguments that have been made on the subject of literature and culture in the modern era. Our reading list covers many different kinds of writing done across various disciplines, all of it concerned with defining the meaning and function of literature in the modern world. Our reading also covers the transition in literary study, beginning in the 1960s, from a criticism organized around the concept of literature to a broader, more encompassing cultural criticism. Literary theory introduces you to what the very smartest people have written about literature in the past hundred years or more. Course Objectives : to familiarize you with the history of modern literary criticism, enhance your interpretive skills, and above all, to help you move beyond the prevailing ideas about what constitutes literature. My lectures will cover various aspects of the essays we read: the methodology adopted by the writer, the historical context, the pragmatics of writing, and above all, the key arguments made by each theorist. Class exams will test your ability to summarize and paraphrase theoretical arguments. Required Textbook The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism . Second edition, Vincent B. Leitch, General Editor. Grade Breakdown 1 in-class test 20% 1 in-class Midterm 20% Final (take-home) 20% Class Participation/Quizzes 20% Course Requirements and Policies MISSING CLASS IS VERY BAD. I reserve the right to drop a student a letter grade for more than four absences whether excused or unexcused. I do not differentiate between excused and unexcused absence since you miss a class either way; for this reason, it is always a bad idea to casually skip class. Also, late arrivals and early departures are always extremely DISTRACTING to me and everyone in class; this is especially true in a large lecture course, so please avoid being a pest. Also, if you need to leave class early, please position yourself so that you can leave the auditorium without drawing attention to yourself. It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on class discussion you miss. I will not tell
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2010 Eng 3014 Cl Is in Lit Stud(2) - Critical Issues in...

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